Kahoi Dong 31-95 on July 4th 2005

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The developer, Lee Mun-ho, told The Korea Herald that this building does not have two storeys (Korea Herald, October 12 2005) and again on January 4th 2006, also in the Korea Herald:.

Kahoi-dong 31-95, July 4th 2005

"In the eyes of nonexperts in architecture, the building may look like a two story building, but it is not," says Lee Mun-Ho of Jaho construction company."

The new building replaced a traditional single storey hanok that had stood on the site since the 1920's.

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Kahoi Dong 31-95 is an example of the new buildings being erected in Kahoi Dong after the demolition of traditional hanok. As you can see, the ground floor of concrete, steel, and brick is surmounted with a hanok-like decoration on the second floor.
One of the distinguishing features of a traditional hanok is that it is a single storey building. The framework of a traditional hanok is based on a rectangular cube of wooden beams, linked by careful joints, and which rests on blocks of stone at each corner.

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Korea Herald article is here, another, in the Hankyoreh is here

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