South Korea - A Culture of Corruption


Corruption is pervasive throughout all levels of Korean society, from the highest levels of government, through commerce and business, to the mundane aspects of daily life. This partial listing of media stories and reports provides a portrait of the culture of corruption as a background to understanding how the Bukchon Plan was undermined

The two key documents that prompted this exploration are: An Inconvenient Truth and Seoul city fails to respect and protect the right to adequate housing . .


Prison term confirmed for ex-President Lee's confidant over bribery Sept 12
Head of panel on river project probe quits amid controversy Sept 12

Slush fund case sucks in two Dohwa affiliates August 26
Audit board chief decides to resign August 26
Civil servant with hand in till gets jail time, big fine August 24
Imsil head continues tradition of corruption August 23
Illicit civilian assets next prosecutor target August 22
Catholic community speaks out against political scandal August 21
Brother, ex-relative to pay outstanding fines of former President Roh August 21
Chun's wealth must be probed August 19
Chun had thousands of accounts August 19
Instructors cry foul over SAT test changes August 17
Dongguk Univ. unlikely to receive $50 mil in damages from Yale August 16
Court Favors Yale in Suit Involving Fake Degree August 15
South Korea goes after the fortune of Chun Doo-hwan August 14
Four-rivers bribe cases coming out August 10
No Aug. 15 pardons this year: Blue House sources August 10
Bribing businessman goes on the lam with his wife August 9
Woongjin boss indicted with 6 execs August 8
Family of fraudsters is busted for insurance scams August 8
Hankook Ilbo chairman is arrested for corruption August 7
Police raid KT&G over bribery allegations August 5
Scandal in South Korea Over Nuclear Revelations August 3
Gov't readies bribes bill for summer vote July 31
Corrupt tax officials July 31st
Former deputy tax chief detained on CJ-bribery allegations July 29
Gwangju government raided in forgery fiasco July 27
Shame on the tax service July 27
Corruption runs deep in school football leagues July 26
Get to the bottom the Chun family's illicit wealth July 22
Korea Must Finally Tackle Corruption July 20
Hyundai Heavy raided in nuke reactor racket July 12
Warrant out for sex party organizer July 12
Probe Finds Massive Underhand Dealings in 4 Rivers Project July 11
Ex-senior prosecutor gets 7 years for bribery July 10
Study: 90% of South Koreans say corruption isn't getting better July 10
Former South Korean Spy Chief Charged With Bribery July 10
Younghoon school president detained July 4
Judges without judgement July 2
Exceptionally large-scale investigation into offshore tax evasion May 30
Documents show government plan to subdue leftist Mayor of Seoul May 10
Fallout from Namyang's abusive tactics much more serious than spilled milk May 9
How Samsung became the giant that ate Korea Feb 25
Departing South Korean Leader Creates Furor With Pardons Jan 29


Fake papers used to fool int'l schools September 7
South Korea jails Hanwha head Kim Seung-youn 16 August
Seoul Judge Surprises Tycoon With Prison Term 16 August
South Korean President Apologizes for Corruption Scandals July 24 2012
Brother of South Korean President Is Charged With Bribery July 10
Fighting Corruption With Bounty Hunters May 8 2012
Reasons why the country has failed to eradicate corruption March 28
The internal malpractice in the judiciary invites miscarriage of justice March 14


South Korea police probe possible election fraud December 3
In South Korean Sports, a Culture of Corruption July 13 2011


South Korean whistleblower Kim Yong-chul breaks silence on Samsung June 18


Korean Leader Pardons Samsung's Ex-Chairman December 29
Seoul city fails to respect and protect the right to adequate housing . . December 18


Revelations of False Credentials Shake South Korea September 1
Fake school records shame Korean figures August 28


Korea targets corruption at automaker Hyundai May 17


Korean trial puts spotlight on Enron-style corruption July 5
An Inconvenient Truth


Kim Dae-jung's tainted legacy December 19


South Korea Pardons 7 Business Leaders October 1 1997


Korean Tycoons Dodge A Bullet Dec 8
Seoul Ex-President and 7 Businessmen Are Indicted in Bribery Dec 6


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